When you need professional help in recruiting franchisees, contact Cappa AS.

Cappa is a leading recruitment company focusing on retail chains.

Frode Finsrud is general manager (CEO) of Cappa. Cappa recruits managers, key professionals and franchisees for several trades. Our focus is chains and their suppliers within trade, retail and service. We can also assist with recruiting board members. The brand of Cappa constitutes thorough and effective processes. Most of our resources are invested in headhunting and efficient searching for the best candidates. Cappa is originally a Norwegian consultant firm but operates all over Scandinavia. The firm was established in 2002 and the founders have experienced from recruitment and consulting since the mid 90s.

We have several international clients, for instance Bang & Olufsen, Hi-FI Klubben, Specsavers, Change, Søstrene Grene, Kvik, Wayne’s Coffee, Zizzi, Burger King, Reitan, Indiska, and Arken Zoo in addition to several major Norwegian companies.

Visit us at www.cappa.no, and you are welcome to contact one of our consultants.