Chainformation Franchise Intranet is uniquely developed to handle and distribute the core of your franchise concept, your Know-How.

The know-how in your franchise manual, or at least should be, is usually a neglected monument over some good ambitions. Standing on a shelf at the office or in a forgotten folder on some server.

With Franchise Intranet by Chainformation, your manual can be used the way it should be. As an integral part of the daily work and communication within your franchise network. Always up to date. You can easily, and in real-time, create new and edit existing content and simultaneously ensure that only concerned parties are informed and given access. The intranet platform tracks automatically who reads or does NOT read your manual.

Your franchisees and co-workers can with one single click jump from daily information to the relevant section of your franchise manual. Your manual can also be managed and published in different languages, for different markets and concepts with in a business group. It’s a great base for franchisee support and staff training.