If you require insigt, experience and advice in respect to establishing and running franchising operations in Denmark, you should contact Paul

Paul Neale is a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of Denmark and has more than 25 years of experience in the legal aspects of franchising, both in respect to establishing chain operations by means of franchising, in respect to the running of a franchise chain and in the winding up of franchise operations. He has assisted in establishing new franchise chains and in converting both capital chains and voluntary chains into franchise chains

In addition, Paul Neale acts as counsel for several companies with franchise operations in Denmark and abroad and has thorough knowledge of Danish and European Law in respect to franchising.

Paul is a board member of the Danish franchise association - Franchise Denmark - and participates in the legal committee of the European Franchise Federation (EFF). He is the Danish representative and member of EuroFranchise Lawyers.

Paul is co-author of Franchising and Alternative corporate re-engineering, and lectures and writes articles on franchising.