Anders Hall

Co-founder, VP sales, Chainformation AB
+46 70 814 35 65

Anders Hall

When you need to synchronize all your staff, secure compliance and collaborate across your franchise network, contact Anders Hall at Chainformation.

Since 2oo1 we’ve helped our clients to position their business to become more consistent, more compliant, and ultimately better positioned to grow. Chainformation’s software is uniquely developed for franchise operations and has thousands of users in more than 20 countries.

We provide you a solution, which gathers your internal communications and compliance program in one single platform. The antithesis of an unorganized swarm of e-mails and disparate applications and software. Role-based rights in several dimensions and a large selection of functionalities makes the platform easily adapted to your business’ needs, regardless of size.

The Chainformation platform is delivered as a turn-key cloud service including both technical operation, training and support.

Pricing and business models are simple to understand, easy to budget and yeild high user value.

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“With Franchise Intranet by Chainformation, we have equipped our organization with a state of the art tool which allows us to maximize and fully leverage the potential of the O’Learys franchise and brand concept.”

Christian Bellander, CEO O’Learys Trademark

“When I learnt about Chainforma¬tion and how their franchise software solution could im¬prove communi¬cation and bring knowledge right to the franchisee, it just clicked.”

Dag Hognerud, CEO of Renholdssoner

“Having partnered with Chainforma¬tion since our incep¬tion, we have con¬tinuously worked with their team of experts to align the Franchise Intranet platform with our business objec¬tives.”

Anders Lundblad, Marketing Director Colorama

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Anders Hall

Co-founder, VP sales, Chainformation AB

When you need a professional web-based software which helps you share knowledge more effectively, secure concept compliance and collaborate across your franchise network, contact Anders Hall at Chainformation.

+46 70 814 35 65

Runar Sørensen


The 10 partners at DHT represent professional expertise combined with experience from consulting, investment banking, operative management and board of director positions in a range of sectors in Norway and internationally. Contact Runar for more information.

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Paul Neale

Franchise Lawyer - Aumento Law Firm, Copenhagen

If you require insigt, experience and advice in respect to establishing and running franchising operations in Denmark, you should contact Paul

+45 702 55 770

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FranchiseArkitekt are specialists in every aspect of franchising. Our concept is to offer the best available expertise and guidance in whichever facet of franchising a company is in need of such.

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