About the company

About the company

About the company

In search of excellence is our motto.

This means that we do our utmost to search for and establish positive contact with suitable candidates for the positions we are recruiting to. It also means that we use a large amount of resources to optimize the search and recruitment process.

Business idea

Cappa shall offer consulting services associated with the human resources. The goal is to improve our clients’ competitiveness through appropriate recruitment, evaluation, development and monitoring / compliance.


Cappa is the leading consulting company in Scandinavia within recruitment and selection of managers, franchisees and key employees to chains. Clients, candidates and partners will experience Cappa as a solid and competent company within the areas of recruitment, development and establishment of chains and trading companies.


Cappa has five basic values which we practice towards all candidates, clients and partners. A consultant from Cappa is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Thorough
  • Efficient
  • Enthusiastic
  • Professional
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