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At Boxtec By Racona, we are passionate about customers. Yours and ours. That’s why we are one of the leading customer engagement technology experts – by helping you engage your customers, we make our customer’s aspirations a reality.

Boxtec By Racona core business is Retail with more than 25 years’ experience of developing and deliver solutions for customer satisfaction in stores and public environment.
The Market is under a lot of changes with influences from many directions and different trends like cloud services, Mobility and Digital Signage.
Within Box organization there is great knowledge about Hardware solutions from development to readymade products. We have a modern central stock in Thame UK in combination with well-trained technical skilled personal and also a skilled support team.
Through our close cooperation with Intel and Microsoft we have information and knowledge which makes it possible for us to develop new platforms that support that development.
Boxtec By Racona started 25 years ago with two private persons as owners. With time and above mentioned demands from Market and a rapidly growing company it was decided year 2017 to become a part of the Flytech Group who is one of the biggest manufacturer in the world of POS computers. Something in Nordic that everyone may not know about.

The advantage of this is that we have control on the whole manufacturing process and has the ability to develop everything from standard to customized products to our Retail Chains. During 2018 we will launch a whole series of new exiting products.

We are dedicated to service and to find a solution for each customer that fits their environment. Everyone has different demands and wishes -What makes us a good partner is that we have the advantages of a small organization but with the muscles of a big company. This means that we have the ability to move fast and can easy adjust to different demands concerning tech requests, services and deliveries. At large volumes we can manufacture a special solution for a certain Retail Chain.
I feel that in today’s competitive market it’s all about from whom you can get the fastest help if you get a problem because it’s then you really need the help. We know that this is a factor that our customers always have appreciated us for being fast and that we are passionate about our customers. That is also why we are one of the leading customer engagement technology experts.
I personally have quite a long experience from the business and the products we sell down to component level. I feel that changes, influences and trends are always existing and especially how it affect people’s buying habits. From that we analyze how different processes can be improved continuously and which influences you need to challenge to work in a directions for always developing.

We are today one of Europe’s most trusted customer engagement solution provider and have helped some of Europe’s largest and most respected brands enhance their customer’s experience in some of the most demanding transactional environments.

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Branko Lazarevic

Managing partner Sweden, Franchise consultant

Contact Branko if you want to start a new one or develop your current chain.
Branko has 30 years of experience in building and running successful franchises within McDonald’s. Former Operations & Franchise Director at Swedish McDonalds.

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Marlene Lazarevic

Franchise Consultant

Marlene Lazarevic is an expert in writing Operations Manuals as well as creating Training and Quality assurance programs. Marlene has held leading positions within McDonald’s and Reitan. Regardless of which phase you are in, we help you create or update the manual for your particular concept.

+46 70 878 56 72

Anders Hall

Co-founder, VP sales, Chainformation AB

When you need a professional web-based software which helps you share knowledge more effectively, secure concept compliance and collaborate across your franchise network, contact Anders Hall at Chainformation.

+46 70 814 35 65

Paul Neale

Franchise Lawyer - Aumento Law Firm, Copenhagen

If you require insigt, experience and advice in respect to establishing and running franchising operations in Denmark, you should contact Paul

+45 702 55 770

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