Expansion and establishment

Expansion and establishment

Expansion and establishment

FranchiseArkitekt has experience from over a hundred franchise recruitments. We can help your company in two ways

Governing your running recruitment

We function as your recruitment agency and handles the recruitment of franchisees entirely or partially.

Help to self-help

The projects aim to create a self-sufficiency. Making you able to run the recruiting yourselves.

General content

Analysis and complementing

  • Analysis of existing information material
  • Analysis of contracts
  • Profile of needs
  • Plan of establishment
  • Recommendation

Franchise Sales Program

  • Strategy and tactics
  • Information material
  • Marketing
  • Telephone interviews
  • Personal interviews
  • Endings
  • Documentation for continued recruitment

Recruiting franchisees is without question the most critical phase of building a franchise. The old saying “The chain is not stronger than its weakest link” is particularly fitting here.

The cost and bother inherit in a re-establishment resulting from a bad recruitment is considerable, especially at the start. It diverts resources from other parts of the organisation that could have made better use of them. The worst case scenario can be a damaged reputation with customers, potential franchisees, suppliers etc.

Therefore it is often necessary to carefully analyse what kind of franchisee is needed. What is also needed is an effective method and a sound sense for recruiting independent business owners in order to make as few mistakes as possible. All franchise chains have made mistakes when recruiting, but it is important to minimize the risks.

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