Peter Östlund

Procurement specialist
+46 (0) 722 43 98 48

Peter Östlund has 20 years of experience in purchasing issues at some of the world’s largest brands and has worked with purchasing on both the customer and supplier side.

For more than 20 years, Peter has worked with purchasing at the Scandinavian level and has sat on several management groups and boards, and thus has broad experience in chain management and international sourcing.

With the responsibility for purchasing within several international chains, Peter has worked to create and maintain strategically important contacts with suppliers and partners in order to strengthen the organization’s results.

Modern purchasing is about creating good business contracts. The aim is the right price, world-class delivery service and delivery according to the agreed quality level at every delivery. But purchasing must also lead and manage issues around sustainability and social responsibility.

Peter has worked with purchasing throughout Europe and Asia and has experience in strategic and operational purchasing in Sweden as well as in our Scandinavian neighboring countries.

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Branko Lazarevic

Managing partner Sweden, Franchise consultant

Contact Branko if you want to start a new one or develop your current chain.
Branko has 30 years of experience in building and running successful franchises within McDonald’s. Former Operations & Franchise Director at Swedish McDonalds.

+46 (0)70354 87 34

Marlene Lazarevic

Franchise Consultant

Marlene Lazarevic is an expert in writing Operations Manuals as well as creating Training and Quality assurance programs. Marlene has held leading positions within McDonald’s and Reitan. Regardless of which phase you are in, we help you create or update the manual for your particular concept.

+46 70 878 56 72

Anders Hall

Co-founder, VP sales, Chainformation AB

When you need a professional web-based software which helps you share knowledge more effectively, secure concept compliance and collaborate across your franchise network, contact Anders Hall at Chainformation.

+46 70 814 35 65

Paul Neale

Franchise Lawyer - Aumento Law Firm, Copenhagen

If you require insigt, experience and advice in respect to establishing and running franchising operations in Denmark, you should contact Paul

+45 702 55 770

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