Sven Hars

Managing partner Norway, Franchise Consultant,
+47 982 54 117

In my role as a business executive specializing in the development of franchise and retail concepts, I am excited to help entrepreneurs, company owned retail chains, and other major franchisees to refine and create solutions that are in line with core values and are instrumental in establishing a dominant market position.

Over the course of my 25-year career as marketing and communications director within American retail (McDonald’s, Esso, TGIFriday’s and Burger King), I have developed expertise in the tools needed to make retail chains successful, including business concept ideation, profitability analyses, product mix and waste analyses, market strategy evaluations, and communication platform development, as well as having a deep and comprehensive understanding of what a franchisee and store manager should expect from his own retail chain.

In recent years, I have worked within many different industries both for B2B and consumer-facing client, including: the signage industry, bakery chains, sports chains, beauty clinics, diet clinics, real estate agents, gyms, electrical chains, plumbing chains, fast food chains, and many others.

I look forward to helping you reach your objectives.

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”I have had the privilege in doing Business with Sven Hars in a very successful project. Sven is a man that not only knows what he wants, but also how to get there. I will strongly recommend Sven as a business partner.”

Thomas Elgestål, Burger King & TGIFriday´s business partner

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Branko Lazarevic

Managing partner Sweden, Franchise consultant

Contact Branko if you want to start a new one or develop your current chain.
Branko has 30 years of experience in building and running successful franchises within McDonald’s. Former Operations & Franchise Director at Swedish McDonalds.

+46 (0)70354 87 34

Marlene Lazarevic

Franchise Consultant

Marlene Lazarevic is an expert in writing Operations Manuals as well as creating Training and Quality assurance programs. Marlene has held leading positions within McDonald’s and Reitan. Regardless of which phase you are in, we help you create or update the manual for your particular concept.

+46 70 878 56 72

Anders Hall

Co-founder, VP sales, Chainformation AB

When you need a professional web-based software which helps you share knowledge more effectively, secure concept compliance and collaborate across your franchise network, contact Anders Hall at Chainformation.

+46 70 814 35 65

Paul Neale

Franchise Lawyer - Aumento Law Firm, Copenhagen

If you require insigt, experience and advice in respect to establishing and running franchising operations in Denmark, you should contact Paul

+45 702 55 770

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