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Welcome to FranchiseArkitekt - The leading service provider in the Scandinavian franchise market. If you are looking to expand in the Scandinavian market, we have all the services you need. We are a group of 17 companies working closely together to provide the services you need to enter the market.
Jonas Ideström, Founder FranchiseArkitekt and Honorary Member Svensk Franchise

What we do for you!

We help any company that wants to build, improve or expand their franchise network. Our customers are in various phases that can most easily be divided into four areas. Regardless of which part of the cycle you are, so we have the specialists and services that you need.



When you start your franchise, you build up business practices, the common economy and way of working in the franchise concept.

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Financing of the franchise is one of the areas which are central to every expanding franchise chain.

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Franchising is basically a matchless growth method used worldwide in virtually all industries.

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To operate a franchise chain comprises a plurality of areas that are vital to create a good economy and a good organization of cooperation.

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Scandinavia's foremost experts on Franchising

FranchiseArkitekt are specialists in every aspect of franchising. Our concept is to offer the best available expertise and guidance in whichever facet of franchising a company is in need of such.

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