Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

With years of experience in advertising and storytelling through social media, we’ve earned the credentials to profile ourselves as a key performer within our industry. We help companies become more visible on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn which in turn increases conversions, brand-awareness and credibility. Our social team works closely together to create carefully thought-out ads that stand out above the crowd.

Most importantly, we work with your social channels in their entirety, maintaining and updating them on a daily basis. Alongside the administration of your current social channels, we are always on the lookout for new networks in which your business would benefit from being profiled. We also hold social media workshops where we train companies and staff in Social Selling.

A social presence in today’s competitive market is imperative, but can also be time-consuming. By allowing Jajja’s talented and experienced social media team to manage your social media channels, time otherwise spent on administration and content-creation can better be used towards focusing on business strategy, and propelling your company forward. We set high expectations for the delivery of our services and go the extra mile for our clients.


We firmly believe that all companies and staff should hold up-to-date profiles on the LinkedIn Career Network. On this platform, we reach top decision-makers, specific target groups as well as generate leads and business. LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiting new staff as well as doing work with employer branding. LinkedIn is key for businesses wanting to become established as a franchise; something we are well-versed in.


Through Facebook, businesses are able to reach their target audience both immediately and organically, provided the content being distributed is of great quality. Effective and high-quality content is something that Jajja strives to create each and every day. We pride ourselves on analyzing and identifying relevant target audiences. We build on those which result in conversions for your business, and engage your audience.


Instagram is a social network where communication is primarily expressed through photos and videos. Currently, Instagram has approximately 800 million users and the possibilities of reaching a younger target audience are endless. On this network, image and emphasis is key. We help you find a tonality that works for your brand, as well as help you articulate your vision and goals through engaging photos and videos.

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