Franchise Recruitment

Franchise Recruitment

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Franchise Recruitment


Stigfram is a development company with main focus on peoples’, companies’, and organisations’ passion and interest for the actual meeting with the customer.

Through a clear behavioral change in the organisation we create a visual service culture, which ultimately increases the profitability and also creates a significant, long term increase in the effectiveness of the company. Working within the service industry implies a constant exposure of fast and merciless judgements. Every second, every hour, and every day, all year around, the judgement is a fact. The moment of truth is constantly present. Service happens when the coworkers meet the customers. Either the customer will be happy, or the customers will be unhappy, and there is a fine and fragile line between the both of them.

Our experience tells us that caring for customers ultimately results in something very concrete and measurable, increased profitability. According to us it all starts with the first meeting and the potential of delivering soft values in that meeting. A first meeting is a moment of truth in terms of whether the customer will ever come back or not. The coworkers, in other words, are messengers of your brand, and the ones responsible of converting number of visitors to satisfied, happy, and long term customers.

At StigFram we view knowledge as a strategical asset for the individual, the group, and the organisation. If you want your coworkers to perform on an extraordinarily high level it is not enough to offer standard solutions! It takes more than that. All people and all companies are different from one another, needs and challenges vary, and the demand for constant development is always present. Due to all these factors we custom make all solution we offer based on every company’s demand, need, wish, and unique solution. The results are reflected in lower employee turnover, higher Satisfied Customer Index, employee index, and not to forget increased profitability.

Some of the partners we work with are Grand Hotel, Sibylla, Pinchos, Colorama, Jaktia, Din Bagare, Jernhusen, Ica Maxi, Destination Gotland, and Autoexperten.

StigFram is a qualified educator within Visita as well as for the Nordic Council of Shopping Centers, NCSC, and preferred partner of Franchise Arkitekt, and Sveriges Centrumutvecklare.

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