Franchise Recruitment

Franchise Recruitment

Cappa has recruited top candidates for more than a decade.

Franchise Recruitment


Our well documented methods and extensive network ensure us to attract candidates with the qualifications and eagerness that you require. Most of our resources are invested in headhunting and efficient searching for the best candidates.

Cappa recruits managers, key professionals and franchisees for several trades. Our focus is chains and their suppliers within trade, retail and service. We can also assist with recruiting board members. The brand of Cappa constitutes thorough and effective processes.

Cappa has several international clients, for instance Bang & Olufsen, Hi-FI Klubben, Specsavers, Change, Søstrene Grene, Kvik, Wayne’s Coffee, Zizzi, Burger King, Reitan, Indiska, and Arken Zoo.

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