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We help any company that wants to build, improve or expand their franchise network. Our customers are in various phases that can most easily be divided into four areas. Regardless of which part of the cycle you are, so we have the specialists and services that you need.


When you start your franchise, you build up business practices, the common economy and way of working in the franchise concept. To change the working arrangements latter is not impossible but difficult and almost always associated with considerable costs. To build a franchise that works well and where you as the owner builds a chain that gets a good rating in the long term it is wise to spend time on careful preparation. Many franchise chains have therefore turned to us for help


Financing of the franchise is one of the areas which are central to every expanding franchise chain. If the chain’s franchisees have difficulty getting loans and other financing, they can of course not start up their business. It is therefore essential to create an efficient working methods and agreements with banks and finance companies to get financing for franchisees to operate smoothly. The franchisor signs an agreement with the bank for financing and banking services to the chain’s current and prospective franchisees (FT).

Many franchisees have therefore turned to us to sign a contract with the bank. Contact our member companies under the heading Franchise Bank website.


Franchising is basically a matchless growth method used worldwide in virtually all industries. The method takes advantage of the self-employed unbeatable motivation and efficiency and a larger company the opportunity for economies of scale and economies. This applies, however, to create a good foundation for growth. Many franchise chains have therefore turned to us for help, inter alia,

  • Recruiting franchisees
  • Marketing of the franchise concept
  • Organic growth within the franchise chain
  • International expansion


To operate a franchise chain comprises a plurality of areas that are vital to create a good economy and a good organization of cooperation. Financial monitoring and control is essential to creating a basis and provide a basis for a good benchmarking. For all franchisees to maintain a high and consistent level of quality for the chain’s customers, it is important to develop a professional training and quality assurance programs. Many franchise chains have therefore turned to us for help and advice to improve forms of cooperation in the chain.

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