A franchise system is based around a concept that is shared by everyone in the chain.

For everyone to have knowledge of its cornerstones, such as business idea, values, customer value etc; the franchisor must provide education.

This education is first and foremost geared towards the content of the concept, but also more general issues within economics and businessmanship are important. Concept specific areas of study can be:

  • Production
  • Working methods
  • Work in stores
  • Service
  • Sale

The franchisor often provides education in:

  • Businessmanship
  • Leadership of staff
  • Making budgets

As a franchisor, it is important to provide your franchisees with basic training. This does facilitate starting up, but also ensures that the new unit is run according to the concept. The co-workers of the franchisee also need introductory education to be able to do their work correctly.

The education program must always be kept up to date and compliant with the development of the concept. We help laying the foundation of your education program. Thereafter, we assist you in updating and keeping it compliant with the concept.

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