Paid Channels

Paid Channels

Paid Channels

Successful digital marketing comes from the creation of hyper-relevant campaigns and high-performance, data-driven processes. We focus on paid search and auction-based channels.

Google Adwords

Our main focal point is creating relevant campaigns with rigorous ongoing optimization processes. This results in significant savings and highly effective campaigns, which generate the long-term results you need. We continuously develop and expand our own tools, enabling our project managers and specialists to work more efficiently and cleverly.


Here, we specialize in brand performance and cache promotions through data-driven optimization. We also utilize powerful data from Facebook, which assists in development on that platform. This involves streamlining the fundamentals and utilizing key data in platform integration. Our extensive knowledge of algorithms and measurement systems make us a valuable partner in this area.

Programmatic Display

Using world-leading technology, tailor-made targeting methods and continuous optimization, we create and manage programmatic display campaigns. We ensure secure inventory, complete transparency and programmatic expertise. Our data-driven working methods result in first-class campaigns that take your performance and branding to the next level; and with our extensive platform integration experience, like Google Analytics 360, we can help you utilize your data to the maximum.

Robot-generated Advertising

Through BI Firm and their developed software “SpiderAds”, we enable robot-generated advertising with built-in AI. This solution performs in real time without any human involvement, which traditionally would take a team 5-6 weeks to produce and launch.

Which industries are a good match for robot-generated advertising?
All industries who exceed 40 communication stream updates per annum.

For example: Car dealerships: when a new car is posted, it is automatically being advertised.
Grocers: when a store offer is posted, it is simultaneously being advertised
Recruitment: when a job vacancy is posted, it is immediately being advertised

Companies/organizations with sizable newsfeeds: when an article is posted on a site, it is automatically being advertised

Online video

Online Video offers an unrivaled opportunity to engage with your target audience. We can help you with everything from content strategy to the performance of Trueview, Reservation, Facebook, Instagram and CPM video campaigns. As always, our optimization process ensures data that can be used to create insights about your views and commitment to your brand.

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