The manual

The manual

The manual

The manual is one of the most important tools for assuring that all units comply with what the concept promises.

It should contain a concept descriptipon and convey the ethos of the brand; it should also contain instructions for how daily work is supposed to be done as well as certain check-lists.

The manual is a legal document and forms part of the franchise contract.

The writing of the manual is always done by FranchiseArkitekt and the franchisor together. The writing starts with a run-through of the existing material. Out of this, and previously done work, we make an analysis as to what is needed. We put together a team that works with the manual project. Together arrive at what should be included in the manual, for example:

  • A description of the concept
  • Selection of products
  • Marketing
  • Sale
  • Purchasing
  • Division of labour

To keep all information updated and easily available, we use the web-based system Chainformation with most of our clients. The system is a cloud based service, specially designed to alleviate and secure operational compliance in chains, filials and franchise systems. We help you to develop a manual that is tailored for you, regardless of how far you have come in the process.

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