A pre-study generally has two purposes.

Firstly, to provide an analysis, together with the client’s knowledge of the market and concept, that forms the basis for a decision on expanding with franchisees. Secondly, to give the client a good idea of what it means to be a franchisor.

Who is this for?

To all companies that seriously consider expanding through franchising, but have not decide to do so yet.

General content

  • Identify strategic, tactical and operative needs
  • Establish purpose
  • Evaluate the concepts suitability for franchising (see 7-point list below)
  • Forms of expansion
  • Identify weaknesses, risks and possibilities
  • Needs in resources
  • Potential
  • Recommendation

Seven point list – Franchising suitability

  • The company, owner and organisation
  • Profitability
  • Capital needs
  • Need for previous knowledge
  • Factors of success
  • Quality assurance
  • The brand
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