The franchise model has significantly more digital drawbacks to navigate around compared to other business models, often based on the franchiser’s drive to maximize their business. Instead of establishing a sound central strategy, the franchiser often sets his/her own strategy which leads to complications for the brand.

Each franchise needs its own individual strategy, taking into account certain aspects that may already be in place. With the help of the introductory workshop, we discuss issues that are important to consider.

Our recommendations:

  • If possible, think through a digital strategy before starting a franchise
  • Should the franchise already be in place, be sure that the digital strategy is updated and modernized
  • Think from a consumer’s perspective. What are their digital expectations?
  • Think from a franchiser’s perspective. How does a digital strategy support and benefit them?

Training isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of activity. It should be unique to your brand and your business. In our workshops, you can expect a tailor-made digital workshop where we combine both theory and practice. We will, in consultation with you, construct a plan for your workshop, ensuring that it is optimized according to your company’s current needs. Conducting a digital workshop with us will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to comfortably proceed with your digital endeavors.

We offer different types of workshops in all our areas of expertise; SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media and Digital Analysis. Our workshops often begin with a theoretical agenda where the workshop consultant reviews relevant theoretical methods to be carried out later in the day. It is most important to us that all participants understand what is to be done during the workshop, and why.

The second half of the workshop is implementing the practical work together as a group. Here, the participants have the opportunity to work directly under the consultant holding the workshop, allowing them to ask questions and get direct advice. Primarily, we offer full and half-day workshops, but can of course extend to several days if needed.

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